The results of the board are out. Some students faces are big smiles, and some go around with long faces. But life continues. We live in a world of competition and stress. The only way to move ahead is to equip oneself with tools to fight tension, anxiety, and other similar emotion.


For those who have scored well on the 12th Exam, life is certainly smoother, but it does not mean that it is difficult for those with lower grades or marks. This resulted from your first life test; there are many more exams in life: you would do many more examinations. If the result does not fit your expectations, then analyze yourself where you want to be wrong and what else is needed to score better. Ask yourself, in five to six years’ time, will this result matter? If it doesn’t, let it go. If so, how? Make a difference and concentrate on your next career goal.

Next Career

Students should not show themselves in cowardice by referring to “do something for themselves,” to “not eat,” to “keep a mother” or to “run away from home.” Students indeed seek empathy from parents and friends, and they also need compassion. Furthermore, parents should not tarnish the situation, rather than scold their children and create a scene about average or wrong results. Most importantly, they shouldn’t compare their child with the one with the maximum score. They need to realize that each child works according to their ability and that everyone cannot be a topper. Students should also be responsible for their salves and should find ways to reduce anxiety and tension.


Not everybody is a physician, engineer, or scientist. The country also needs good designers, hoteliers, tourism experts, guides, interpreters, language experts, singers, dancers, actors, artists, painters, animation experts, gaming personnel, sportsperson, television anchors, news experts, architects, interior designers, radio jockeys, dance jockeys, and the list goes on. Yes, specialized studies are available at all basic foundations and graduate levels. However, if a student still wants to participate in a traditional Humanities Trade or Science program, he can opt for distance learning programs side by side.


Time has changed, and one must look at the new career options mentioned above. Students must first assess themselves and analyze where they can best suit their interests and abilities. Parental or peer pressure for a particular program or subject will help you surpass life if you put your heart and soul into it.


For those who have achieved well, life will undoubtedly be smoother, but this does not mean that it is hard for those with lower grades or marks to live.

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