Essential employee rights March announced in honor of former Briggs & Stratton worker Big Mike Jackson.

The Milwaukee chapter of the IWW (International Workers of the World) have recently announced their plans for a MARCH on BRIGGS in honor of former Briggs & Stratton employee Mike Jackson.

Mike Jackson was a Briggs & Stratton worker, union member, and father who died of coronavirus after fighting for safety on the job. Join us to march on the company with Mike’s family and coworkers to demand justice for Mike and safety for essential workers.

While Briggs & Stratton executives were working from the safety of their homes, negotiating millions of dollars in bonuses for themselves, and finalizing plans to move hundreds of jobs out of the Milwaukee area, Big Mike Jackson was being worked to death in the company’s Wauwatosa plant.

Mike’s life mattered. Let’s honor him by keeping up the fight he started.

The MARCH on BRIGGS is set for Thursday, July 2, at 12:30. Organizers ask that everyone gather at Unitarian Universalist Church at 13001 W North Ave, Brookfield. From there the MARCH will proceed to Briggs & Stratton.

Get more updates and info on this event here

Author: Armstrong Ransome

I break bread, ribs and hundred dollar bills.

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