Glenda’s Corner: Dear White People.

We, as African Americans, are always asked, ‘what do we tell our Black children about racism?’ I find it odd that no one asks the question ‘what do White people talked to their children about concerning racism?’

I found myself in a conversation with a few white people, asking them that very question, they were silent and then one woman went on to describe how she talks to her son about how he has privileges that Black people don’t have, and that, that’s not right. She went on to tell him that, many white people treat black people badly due to the color of their skin. I told her that when white people tell themselves and their children that they have privilege that blacks don’t have, what it invokes in them is the feeling of sorrow or pity for Black people, but it does not nor has not produced change, they still hold on to that status firmly, while offering heartfelt Platitudes towards the ills of racism. A white child may walk up to a black child and offer them to share their dolly, out of pity, not learning anything past, I have Privilege and the poor black child does not; no true understanding that we are all one as a human race.

In order for white people to begin to make real change towards oneness with his fellow mankind, and to know what true conversation you must have with your children, you must first educate yourselves on where you got the idea that White people have privilege, who instilled that in your core and to what ends, why was it important that you were given Privileges. White parents you can’t begin a conversation with your children about racism, because that’s the wrong conversation you need to be having, your children need to hear from you the truth of where Whites arrived at this mindset and how the privilege that Whites think they have is an illusion of Privilege. I implore you to watch the video link below because this is the truth you need to learn and educate yourself on and teach to your children, this is the conversation that needs to be had with your children. Blacks would do well to watch and learn also. 

“White race is a powerful tool for understanding not only how White people came to be, but also why.” – Jacqueline Battalora

A historical foundation is also advanced by factual information about the ways in which “White” people have been conferred privilege and advantage as a matter of law and policy since the founding of the United States. “White” as a designation for a group of humanity did not appear in law until 1681. The first appearance of this designation was in an amendment by the Colonial Assembly of Maryland to what can best be described as the precursor to anti miscegenation laws. In 1676 the discontented people of Virginia erupted with laborers of European and African descent—servant and free—united in a fight against native tribes, unpaid labor, the plantation elite, and those governing the colony. Bacon’s Rebellion represents the unification of laborers, freed servants, and small landowners. The rebellion signaled the threat of a united labor force to the capitalist plantation system that was the economic and political foundation of the Virginia and Maryland colonies. Lawmakers responded with a divide- and-conquer approach. It was the response of lawmakers to Bacon’s Rebellion within which White people were invented, constructed, and imposed. These laws emerged in the decades following the rebellion and continued through the first quarter of the eighteenth century, creating consequences that were dramatically different for those seen as White and those who were not (Allen, 1997; Battalora, 2013; Smedley, 2007).

I stated that White Privilege is an illusion. How so, an illusion, you might ask. It should be clear to you by now, during this climate of BLM. The masterful, White Elite, have been slowly pulling the rug right from under you, can’t you see it? They allowed the Bernie Madoff’s of the world steal you retirement funds, bankers, corporations and brokers fraud you out of your homes and the illusion of the middle class. All the things white men used to get away with because of perceived privilege is eroding. White businesses apologizing for their history of profits off the backs of slavery. White women can’t get away with those fake 911 calls of danger from a Black individual refusing to obey their orders or answering their questions. In today’s climate you can’t say anything to or about Black people without financial consequences and being shamed. Not only are the White Elite taking away your White privilege card, they are taking away your White savior, the greatest symbol that you were the chosen ones by God himself. The White Elite are hitting ya’ll hard. It was the White Elite that taught you to focus on education and to only have one to two children to obtain the American Dream and now your birth numbers to repopulate are looking grim for the near future.

“In around 25 years, non-Hispanic whites are projected to be a minority…We are browning from bottom up in our age structure,” – William Frey 

William Frey, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution told the Associated Press that this is going to be a diversified century for the United States. The Asian population grew nearly 30 percent over the last decade – the biggest increase seen. Meanwhile the Hispanic demographic in the US saw a 20 percent growth and the Black demographic increased 11.6 percent. In all 50 states and the District of Colombia white women had birth rates below replacement level. The highest birth rate among women were those living in Utah. The white birth rate in Utah was about 2.0 children per woman. The White birth rate is low all over the globe. Who taught you to do that to yourselves? THE SAME PEOPLE THAT GAVE YOU THE ILLUSION OF PRIVILEGE AND TAKING IT AWAY FROM YOU IN THE NEW GLOBAL RESET. THE SAME ELITE THAT HAVE NO LEGION TO COUNTRY NOR ETHNIC GROUP.

QUOTE: At a virtual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting, global leaders from the United Nations, United Kingdom, United States, International Monetary Fund and multi-national corporations discussed and announced a plan to develop a “Great Reset” of the entire world economy.

“We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this [COVID-19] crisis. Its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change,” said Prince Charles, one of the leaders of the event.

Why am I saying all this? It’s not to hurt, to cause fear and panic it is to awaken you from your slumber, just as a vast majority of Black and Brown people need to wake from this division created on all of humankind by the ruling White Elite class. We all need to join together against the, White Elite, who created this illusion on the masses to divide us, so we don’t go after their asses. We need to recall the spirit of the 99% movement, not this BLM protest that still creates division. Obama, under the hands of the ruling White Elite crushed the 99% movement as it was a threat, a real threat to their system, notice the BLM, movement is being encouraged in every way, their ever wish is being given, it’s being encouraged, supported, trained and created

by the same, White Elite, that gave you your Privilege and now, have no need for your roll in their new social contract in their Global Reset, they have technology to take on your role in the social order of control.

“We are trained in Marxist Communism.” – Patrisse Cullers, co-founder of BLM

I can’t stand Trump, but the Liberal Democrat Party is handing America over to the Communist in the World Economic Forum Global Reset which the liberal Politicians are all involved in the planning of this, lining their pockets.

Yes, Capitalism unfettered needs to go, but Marxist communism is not the solution.

The White Elite that gave you white Privilege to keep the masses divided, who were coming after them, are now the same White Elite that are using shame and punishment to take it away from you. The why is still the same, Control of the masses in their new social order reset . We need to turn this BLM momentum, back into the 99% going after the 1%, who created this mess.


As long as they have us focused on racism, the Elite know, we won’t see that they are who we need to be focused on, they know as long as they can keep the masses on racism, we ain’t joining together to go after their sick asses that created this division for their self gain. We keep talking about the wrong thing.

Glenda Lee

3 thoughts

  1. In a vicarious way, I stumbled upon this blog and I must say…..I find it thought provoking and rather interesting. Some of the positions and views expressed here and in the video contained, are not any I had considered. I will need to think and ruminate a bit before I can comment further, or ask any competent question.


  2. I agree with Many of your points. The controlling elite treat most of us like pawns because they believed not the truth.

    I have a President’s Scholars degree in economics, another in political science and a Juris Doctors degree. I have a very difficult time understanding how you assert that the plantation system was “capitalist”. The free market system which was re-labeled as capitalist by the Marxists does not support slave labor. It requires in demands a free market in all of the inputs which one of the principal input is labor. Therefore any and all restraints and labor’s right to sell it services is contrary to the free markets.

    A very common error of most negative critiques of Adam Smith’s wealth of Nations is the failure to recognize that Adam Smith wrote in his companion book “the theory of moral sentiments” where he posits that the free market system requires a moral and ethical people. Adam Smith had three generations of ancestors who were reformed Scottish pastors. It is clear to most readers that Adam Smith believed that the Judeo Christian values and ethics were necessary to have a successful free market system. Clearly free markets provide the best chance of equal opportunity.


  3. I dictated my statement and in reviewing it it should have read:

    Therefore any and all restraints on labor’s right to sell it services is contrary to the free markets.


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