Is Rome Streetz the new King of New York?

On a level you niggas can’t fuck wit. If you aint talking bucks then I dub it

Rome Streetz. prophet & a pusher

After listening to “Noise Kandy 4” for the 4th time in a row I called my brother Gramz, whom manages Rome Streetz to tell him that “Rome is one of the absolute best rappers that I have heard in a long time.” Gramz had been telling me for quite some time now about how nice Rome Streetz was but I still had yet to roll my dollar bill and take a sniff of “Noise Kandy” for myself. However after my first snort of the dope which is Rome Streetz fentanyl laced rhyme delivery. I was immediately left chasing the dragon awaiting my next hit.

Rome Streetz “Snow Beach” music video

A brief listen to the narcotic street tales delivered by Rome Streetz would quickly turn anyone within listening range into a full blown addict. About a month ago The God Rome Streetz capped off an epic mixtape series with the delivery of “Noise Kandy 4”, a 35 minute MTA Subway ride through the gritty underbelly of New York City. I took his bars and delivery to heart so because they reminded me of my own days in New York City spent trapping on the subway from Flatbush to Manhattan and busting licks by foot up Clarendon, Cortelyou or Nostrand Ave. Needless to say Rome Streetz music isn’t for the weak, faint of heart or those who have never played that side of life but if you love the essence of grimy New York hardcore hip hop. You may have just found your man.

Rap Skills Matter. All RAP Skills Matter, however within the pursuit of the most coveted crown in rap all weren’t created equal. Honestly, I might be biased by saying this, but what exactly is a rapper if he’s not from New York, the birthplace of hip hop? What exactly is an emcee if he’s not spitting that hard body God body rap that all from my era grew to love? If you’re not able to check these things off of the list than maybe you’re just another kid rapping in the small town minor league circuit. However, you probably won’t ever get the chance to hit Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and pitch a no hitter in the big leagues.

Rome Streetz for Hip Hop DX

What I hear when I listen to Rome Streetz is absolute New York City underground authentic rap. Not much for playing on words and metaphors just straight forward straight drops. Picking up where the late great Albert Johnson, better known as Prodigy left off. Rome streets has taken the baton and started to run laps around the competition both locally within his hometown and nationally. Over the J Dilla/DJ Premier-esque Futurewave production “Sell Itself” Rome Streetz spits “Cuz all I really need is a spot and my work gone sell itself”. Whether that spot be within the corridors of a New York City project building or a record label’s corporate boardroom. Rome Streetz has definitely found a mound to pitch on and as far as raps go he is throwing 90 mph curve balls.

Westside Gun and Rome Streetz. Rome Streetz recently as featured on Westside Gun’s “Flygod is an awesome God 2” on the track “Steve Behr”

Another thing that stands out above all on “Noise Kandy 4” is Rome Streetz ear for pristine production and track sequencing. Every instrumental throughout the album weaves seamlessly with the next one in cue. Rome flows effortlessly on every track as well whether rapping about a former toxic relationship with a “crazy bitch” or detailing the hardships of his life on “Normal Shit“. I’m not gonna even hold you, “Noise Kandy 4” could possibly be the best New York hip hop album since Nas’ “Illmatic” dropped in 94. I’ve been around hip hop for a long time, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with some of raps elite and even have had the chance to tell my story over beats. What Rome Streetz is accomplishing right now is a dream far gone for most, and he is doing it without sacrificing his artistic credibility. Hip hop giants from all across the globe are starting to take notice to the lyrical talents of Rome Streetz. Just last week when Westside Gun released his latest album fans were surprised when they pulled up the track listing to see the Rome Streetz feature on “Steve Behr“, which the young God Rome Streetz absolutely bodied. However, from the kid chasing the most coveted crown in hip hop. What more would you expect?

You un-original yacub’s could never be God.

Rome Streetz


Author: Armstrong Ransome

I break bread, ribs and hundred dollar bills.

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