Hip Hop Origins: Joe Ski Love – Peewee’s Dance

The origins of Hip Hop music and culture all started off with oppressed Black and Latino youths trying to escape the pressures of the world and have a good time.

Back in 86. In Hip Hop’s heyday. Joe Ski Love dropped the commercially successful “Peewees Dance” record that had everybody around the nation dancing like Peewee Herman. The movie “Peewee’s Playhouse” had just come out and it was all everyone was talking about at the moment. Joe Ski Love and Vintertainment capitalized off of the momentum and dropped a playful teenage rap that was easy listening for most anyone to enjoy.

Joe Ski Love – Peewee’s Dance (1986), Vintertainment Label

When referencing the beginnings of Hip Hop older heads always seem to only remember “that real”, or the gritty street music of the Golden Era. However those memories are always clouded in mysticism because lots of the early Hip Hop records were actually light and playful. Hip Hop music is a music style based in the expression of the youth and the youth like to have fun.

So the next time you or anyone around you finds yourself being an old head and hating on the rap styles and songs of a younger generation Remember that you too were once a wide eyed youth without serious consideration of much. Remember to let them have their voice as the world once allowed you to have yours.

I came across this True Hip Hop Stories online video while attempting to find some bio information on Joe Ski Love. The video was shot by D-Nice, which is cool because he as well has one of those great rap careers that is rarely spoken of although he is world renown. It’s a cool 5 minute insight into the life of an early eighties teenage rap star. He provides some good insight on varying perspectives on the old school versus new school challenges within Hip Hop culture. Take a moment and give it a watch. Peace.

Video by D-Nice for True Hip Hop Stories

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