Are NBA Players Essential Employees?

The United States is now the epicenter of the Global Covid-19 pandemic. However the people of the United States want to be entertained. Bars are open with patrons tossing back white claws, eating hot wings and taking shots. Although “it is still real in the field”, Americans, we are ready to play!

The 2019 – 2020 National Basketball Association season was cut short and now American’s want their basketball back at all costs! Costs that benefit NBA Comisioner Adam Silver and the rest of the NBA brass. The National Basketball Association players though? Probably not so much. I’m as sure as Shaq missing a free throw in 96 that most NBA players would rather not be cooped in a “bubble” with guys from all over the globe along with staff and referees.

Players have already begun expressing discontentments for the bubble. As well, some have made mention to the frustrations of having to leave their families for nearly two months. Other players have taken to social media to speak on the quality of the food and the boarding situations. Some players seem to not mind the food nor the lodging at all. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

“This ain’t it,”

Montrezl Harrell 

All of these players have loved ones back home whom they are most concerned about getting back to. However here they all gathered together at some NBA summer camp AAU tournament for adults eating take out in a hotel room. I imagine most of the guys are having feelings of nostalgia from their high-school summer hoops routines and schedules. All exception for a player like Giannis Antetokuompo who has never played AAU ball, however I can only imagine the conditions of a mid tier Greek basketball leauge summer schedule. Which probably make the bubble look like Disney World! But wait?

To me this seems a bit disrespectful and goes right along with all of the other lines that essential employees are facing around the United States during this Global Pandemic. NBA players are employees of a major corporation. Although they are paid in full and glorified essentially they are just workers in another one of America’s capitalists industries. They have a job to do and someone pays them to do it. The NBA is a non essential business. Not at all vital to the safety and protection of human life. So why are the NBA Players playing?

For it seems that the players of the NBA have been deemed as essential! Where the NBA’s message was once #playinside or #saferathome it is now #getoutandplay and the ones who have the most to lose are the one’s playing the game. While i’m pretty sure that most non essential NBA staff are still working from home, the players, the most essential individuals within the whole leauge are about to suit up and play. With each NBA team being worth an average of $2.1 Billion dollars maybe they have the technology to detect, catch and release Covid-19 cases like fish into the bay! Maybe this whole Covid-19 talk is just a Democratic Leftist political hoax like some say!! 👀

Unlike Damian Lillard’s rap career though, this virus is real! One thing that Covid-19 does have in common with Dame’s rap career is that after you come in contact with both, there is a chance that you might die. Fortunately, for people without pre existing health conditions it is said that the Coronavirus, although it can be painful, is not a death sentence. Being that NBA players are amongst the most fit and elite athletes in the world. I imagine that their immune systems are healthy enough to fight off a virus. Don’t quote me on this though, I am no Dr Anthony Faucci. Just a guy writing my thoughts who loves basketball, but not enough to throw my favorite players into harms way. You can do what you will with guys like Jordan Clarkson, Jordan Farmar, Austin Rivers! Take any of those guys! Just leave our stars at home! No, no I’m kidding. All Players Matter.

A job is a job, right? Some jobs pay exceptionally better than others. Still, its just a job. With all jobs you have a boss. A boss who doesn’t have your sincere best interest at heart. The bosses only care about their employees work performance or their output that benefits the company. As an employee you are “essential” to the function of the business to make a profit. The standard definition for an essential employee is someone that performs work involving the safety and the protection of human life. No one is going to die if they don’t get to see Giannis go for 40! As a matter of fact WE WILL ALL BE OK!

A more fitting word for the bubble would be the gauntlet. We should all remain with our hopes high that this notorious, MTV Real World, social experiment doesn’t back fire and blow up in our faces live on ESPN. Cooping a hundred or so testosterone jacked individuals together in hotels for months with no outside family contact has got to be a disaster waiting to happen.

I’m not interested in watching a #TBT Tournament style NBA season. Although I do want to see my Bucks get a championship, if it’s not a win at home, where the fans can watch and celebrate. Then it’s not even real! I can already imagine a masked up, socially distant ticker tape parade with Bango Buck giving elbow bumps to kids while wearing a KN95 mask. All the players will be broadcasted on the big screens via zoom because after the season ends they most likely will have to quarantine alone for 14 days.

I admit I do feel like the players of the NBA aren’t getting treated fairly as are many other newly deemed essential employees. Its almost disheartening that the NBA brass would go to lengths such as these to get the players back on the courts when we still don’t yet have a national grasp on this epic virus. It’s almost shameful to watch these dignified individuals whom have been giving so much assumed freedoms have to jump on demand. However that’s the game that they play! Run, jump and shoot!

I’m really looking forward to seeing how they adjust to playing socially distant defense though.

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Author: Armstrong Ransome

I break bread, ribs and hundred dollar bills.

2 thoughts

  1. Man, dame’s rap career had promise though. You gave me a new perspective on the players point of view. The reality is they are being put in harm’s way. There is no gaurantee the virus won’t break through the bubble.


    1. Thanks for checking in. Yeah, we never look at celebs at people in real situations because of what they get paid, but truly the players of the NBA are in the same boat as the factory workers at this point. They have to produce a product no matter the cost so the company and bosses can make profits. It puts the whole other Nothing But Africans with white owners back into perspective of the NBA. Is this really a dream or a nightmare dressed up?


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