The “conscienization” of Nick Cannon

Conscientization is a neologism, coming from the Spanish word conscientizaci√≥n.It conveys the idea of developing, strengthening, and changing consciousness. It was created in the field of education, specifically of adult education, in the early 1960s, producing at the same time a new conception of consciousness.

  • Originally in Latin America: the action or process of making others aware of political and social conditions, especially as a precursor to challenging inequalities of treatment or opportunity; the fact of being aware of these conditions.

I recently read somewhere that one of the main tools of white supremacy and maintaining its dominant position in keeping a people subordinate was to make sure that they were always tired from not getting enough rest. If their bodies do not receive enough rest than their minds cannot properly function. If their minds do not properly function then those whom are the subjects cannot think freely for themselves. It the subjects cannot think freely for themselves then they are easily subjugated by their oppressosr. The subjects, being tired, weary, confused and bent out of shape will never come to the realization that they are being oppressed. That is, until one day they do take time to rest and wake from the slumber which they have been under and oppressed in for so long.

One thing that has always stood out to me with the lives of celebrities is the amazing amount of output that they are able to maintain over the span of their careers. The lifestyles that they appear to lead are always glamour filled with high times and flashing lights. We now have the ability to see the world’s most celebrated individuals bouncing from one event to another at the click of a button.

Nick Cannon has grown up before our eyes from the little drummer boy to marching to the rhythm of his own drum. Since the early 2000’s the name Nick Cannon has been a stable throughout Hollywood with the adamant likability of his image, a household name even. Everyone knows who Nick Cannon is and it seems that for a moment nothing could stop his upward trajectory towards further successes.

Nick Cannon for a time seemed to be America’s “Black Boy Wonder!” A friendly black boy image, clean cut with a million dollar smile. From movies to television Nick Cannon was everywhere and American’s could not get enough. With his portrayal of family friendly roles in television and films such as Drum Line, Roll Bounce, Keenan & Kel and The Nick Cannon Show. The American public embraced the fodder and laughter of Nick Cannon with open arms. In kitchens all across the US Karen’s put away with the casserole and made sure to fry up the chicken! Nick Cannon was coming for dinner!

In 2013, Nick Cannons N’Credible Entertainment company produced the re boot of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out improv series which further brought the Nick Cannon brand into more American homes. in 2016 MTV’s Wild ‘N Out returned for it’s eighth season after three record breaking seasons. Nick Cannon had made himself into Hollywood’s black “go to” guy. If there were a role to fulfill or a show to host you can almost bet that Nick Cannon’s name was in consideration or already billed.

From 2009 – 2016 Nick Cannon even hosted the most American show on television ‘America’s Got Talent“. For a second it seemed that Nick Canon had transcended the veil of blackness cast over African American’s. Nick Cannon had broken the glass shield. Nick Cannon had done what many like him could never do. Nick Cannon had made it. A lot of the times he made it while making a fool of himself but he was just fulfilling his roles, after all he did get rich! On top of getting rich he even married America’s favorite R&B diva Mariah Carey for a spell. Nick Cannon was doing his thing and the world was his oyster.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey spotted together at Nobu in Malibu, California on April 22, 2017.

As well all should know buy now and if you don’t, let me educate you. America loves when a Black man is shucking, jiving, singing, entertaining and dancing. But soon as that same Black man, whom they have loved attempts to actualize and think free for himself. He is immediately typecast as the villain and hated.

Something happened to Nick Cannon. He has obviously evolved mentally over the past few years and has come though the process of Conscientization.

The term Conscienization was created by Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire. Conscientization is rooted in critical consciousness. Critical consciousness is described as achieving an in-depth understanding of the world and allowing for the perception and exposure of social and political contradictions. Critical consciousness also includes taking action against the oppressive elements in one’s life that are illuminated by that understanding. In other words Conscientization is being awakened from an oppressive slumber. Nick Cannon seems to have become, in todays language, woke. April 1st, 2020 Nick Cannon and N’Credibleu Entertainment took up the baton from Nipsey Hussle’s marathon and released the trailer for Strong Enemies: The Untold Case of Dr Sebi. A documentary detailing the 1987 case of the New York Attorney General vs Dr Sebi. A bold move in the eyes of some. A bold move for Nick Cannon, America’s former America’s “Black Wonder Boy”, indeed.

Since November, 2018 Nick Cannon has been hosting his video podcast series Cannon’s Class on his Youtube channel. With over 373,000 subscribers and nearly 100,000 views on the series, his new, unadulterated message is reaching people. Nick Cannon seems to be a man reinvented. A man reinvigorated with the zeal of liberating the minds of his people. Recent guests on his video podcasts include Minister Tony Muhammad, author Tariq Nasheed and most recently Professor Griff formerly of Public Enemy.

Nick Cannon has come under fire for his comment’s regarding his use of the term “semite”, which when explained by Professor Griff (as well I looked up the encyclopedia Brittanica definition myself) defines a member of a people speaking any of a group of related languages presumably derived from a common language, Semitic.

The term came to include Arabs, Akkadians, Canaanites, Hebrews, Ethiopians, and Aramaean tribes. Mesopotamia, the western coast of the Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Horn of Africa have all been proposed as possible sites for the prehistoric origins of Semitic-speaking peoples.

However no location has been definitively established.

Take this information as you will.

For recent comments on his podcast Nick Cannon has been dropped by ViacomCBS in what may appear to be an attempt to neutralize his newfound message of Black community empowerment.

In this world in which we live. When the Black man starts taking into account the power of his singular voice and starts using it towards the liberation of his people, thus liberating himself. He is always “silenced”. Yet when that same Black man is the entertainment and the life of the party he is “allowed” to be as loud as anyone else in the room. Freedom versus Free Dumb.

In terms of conscienization and critical consciousness we all need to take an in depth look at the dichotomies that form this relationship and look ourselves in the mirror where even the truth can be seen through broken glass.


Author: Armstrong Ransome

I break bread, ribs and hundred dollar bills.

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