God Body Health: Drink Your Water.

Photo by Eddee Daniel. Project Director of Preserve our Parks.

Earlier today I was chatting over the internet with a friend of mines whom recently contracted Coronavirus. I had reached out to him over the internet to see about his well being as well as to offer him some advice in case he needed any.

Life is the greatest, most changing, continual movie that we ever get to see. It is ever evolving and always brand new with every glimpse. We all get so caught up in our own movie and understanding that we begin to assume that everyone see’s life from our unique world view. With that said, I even believed the things that I know to be true to be everyone’s common knowledge.

In the Spring, when the news of the virus hit I was feeling a change in the air. Conveniently at home we have already, in the past adopted habits of eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. So when things started to go awry I started my regime of running, taking vitamins, supplements and drinking 100% spring water, lots of spring water. With the world being shut down I figured it would be a good opportunity to jump start my immune and physical health while beating the Covid-19 curve.

My Father, back some years ago had told me about PH levels and the differences between an alkaline body and an acidic body. At the time he was explaining this to me it all went over my head. I had no clue what he was talking about. My Father explains things in the most worldly, round about ways. As well he is Nigerian and speaks four different languages, sometimes shifting between various languages all with the deepest Yoruba accent you’ve ever heard. It’s a wonder I can follow anything he says at times, but I do. I’ve grown accustomed to it.

What the old man was explaining to me in the most simplest terms was that anything that happens to the body outwardly is a direct correlation to what is going on within the body. He was explaining to me how certain foods and drinks cause the body to be acidic and to balance those you have to drink water to achieve a healthy PH balance. 100% Pure Spring Wata! (insert deep Yoruba accent here). Water, him not get enemy!

All in correlation with the ever evolving world, this just so happened to be around the time of Dr. Sebi’s passing. Ignorantly, before the time of Dr. Sebi’s arrest that lead to his death. I had never heard of Dr. Sebi. It wasn’t until the moment he was arrested that I was made aware of his teachings and who he was like most people in the world. I wasn’t woke to the ways of the good Dr yet!

Fortunately I had Pops who was putting me onto the same knowledge that I had later observed Dr Sebi to be speaking to his following. When the knowledge finally graced my ears, for me, it was as simple of an understanding as ABC’s and 123’s.

Sickness and virus is a sign of the body being too acidic. Mucous within the body is the same thing as puss in an infected wound. When the body produces mucous that is a sign that their is an infection in the body. Therefore the infection or toxicity in the body needs to be combatted.

Western medicine teaches us that when we are sick, to go see the doctor. The doctor then prescribes us a pill, which in most cases could possibly be a placebo. We go home, take the pill and pray it helps. If it doesn’t work, we go back, get a stronger dose or another medication. This cycle continues, you never get healed, more problems arise. The doctor prescribes more pills and so on and so forth. Its a cycle and the doctors keep you on the wheel. This is how they stay paid!

Never does anyone explain to the public that what is better for the body. More than any pill or prescription. Are the natural things that are right before us! Rest being the most important factor to complete healing. Exercise is a key component to maintaining a healthy immune system as well it gives the body the opportunity to flush out toxins through the skin. Running for me has been the fountain of youth as well as the greatest stress reliever. I love it.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is major. You can’t be out here thinking you aren’t going to fall ill by eating garbage. Think along the simple adage of “You are what you eat!” I always tell people to imagine your body as a high priced sports car. Now, would you put 87 ethanol in a Corvette? No! You’d have to spend the extra and put in the 93! Same as if you were to give that car an oil or transmission fluid change. You just can’t use the petro station brand, you’d have to use the specific high grade brand. This is the same as the body. Truthfully it all depends on you. If you feel like you are a beat up clunker than go right ahead and put the low grade fuel in. However if you feel like a Big Black Cadillac then you gotta have the proper engine oil and fuel to flow along that smooth cruise. You dig.

This is the Information Age and there is lots of information out there. I’m not here to preach to anyone about lifestyles just here to shed some light on other options for the few who may not know. A major thing that has helped me and my family throughout this whole Covid-19 time was the knowledge of Osha Root. I relied upon this root one time as I was suffering from an upper respiratory infection on a trip to California. It helped me immensely and I believe it to be one of those natural health remedies that can combat the symptoms caused by Covid-19. Google it!

Be well, be healthy


Author: Armstrong Ransome

I break bread, ribs and hundred dollar bills.

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