West Allis Karen and the “N” Word.

People have lost their minds. I was minding my own business when I ran across this clip of a lady in West Allis, Wisconsin verbally assaulting a group of young Black children at the area skate park. For all general purposes she shall be referred to as West Allis Karen. West Allis Karen obviously wasn’t caring too much that the all eyes and phones were on her as she went on her terrible temper tantrum. She in all her anger just made an obvious fool of herself by her repetitive use of the “n” word. A word which she used so profusely as if part of her regular daily lexicon. This was hardly a slip of the tongue. This is the world we live in.

Seemingly, these people are ignorant. Ignorant as such to throw around a racial term that has been spewed upon the African race as derogatory. However it has never been a term to describe African’s and the descendants of Africans at all.

To break down the etymology of the “n” word we must start with the adjective “niggardly”. A world which originated in the 1500’s meaning petty or reluctant in spending. One who acts begrudgingly or scrimy. Scimy meaning dirty, disgusting and secretive.

The “n” word, which is the dirtiest word in World language particularly got it’s origin from the Spanish word Negro, meaning black. From it’s earliest usage the “n” word as well as the word Negro carried the reject and consumption in which White individuals have inflicted upon Africans and their descendants.

The “n” word that we know so well today is a true American word in creation and meaning. Taking two words to come together as one in “Niggardly” and “Negro” and creating a new term to describe those that they may have considered subservient to them.

The “n” word has also been used as a derogatory term against early Italian and Irish immigrants and is American as apple pie.

Truthfully, fitting the description of the word. Karen here seems to be reveling in niggardliness and may need to refer to Webster’s dictionary herself for a better definition of the word she is using.

She may be surprised at what she finds!

What if these were your children? How would you react?


Author: Armstrong Ransome

I break bread, ribs and hundred dollar bills.

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