Save Royal Beauty (Stockton, CA)! Let’s help a Black Woman Entrepreneur keep her business afloat! #Supportblackbuisiness

As large corporations get bailed out everyday in America by the US Government it is our duty as a people to lift each other up. The fight is ours to win if we all chip in.

I love my family. One thing that I can say about many of the women in my family is that they are strong, proud and industrious.

My Auntie Aderemi came from Nigeria in the 1980’s as a young woman and soon came to be the owner of the first African American owned beauty and hair supply shop in Stockton, CA. She raised her family for years while running Royal Beauty Supply.

The African American hair and beauty industry is an industry mainly run by Asian and Asian American’s. My Aunt faced a lot of turmoil over the years in order to have the freedom to thrive as a Black Woman entrepreneur in her industry.

She is now facing a situation that calls on the help of the community to help keep her doors open. I feel that this is the time to rally around Women entrepreneurs.

I especially feel that this is the time to rally around Black Women Entrepreneurs.

Please take a moment to read the below description and if moved please donate. Donation link listed below.



Greetings community,

Many of you know my family and I from back in Stockton and the shop that we’ve run from the time I was a little girl. When we opened in 1999 we were the only Black-owned beauty supply in Stockton, and we have reason to believe that we were the very first Black-owned beauty supply in the city. I was raised in that shop and for the majority of my life I watched my parents, and (at the Stockton location) most specifically my mom, serve our community tirelessly for over 20 years — building community with Black women and offering employment to responsible young people in need of work, year after year. We’ve made it through economic crisis before. And we managed to keep our doors open. But COVID has been a whole different type of economic crisis for our shop. We considered closing our doors for good because we simply did not know how we were going to make it past this. But my family has decided that we’re not ready to give up yet. The landlord has not been lenient regarding rental fees, offering no significant regard of the reality that we’ve had to close our doors for months during the national shutdown. They served our business an eviction notice last week. Since then my siblings and I have been communicating with lawyers to try to find a way to stop this eviction. We’ve organized this campaign to seek community support so that we might make it through this crisis and continue to serve our community. For more details on what has recently transpired with the shop please read the description on the GoFundMe page. We’re deeply grateful for any and all support from our community, family, friends and those who #supportblackbusiness. ALL funds will be used toward settling the back rent and attorneys fees. It’s been a challenging time, but it’s my belief that we’ll get through. Thank you in advance family. 
(Note: We have applied to the government-issued loans/ grants that are supposed to be made available to small businesses at this time and, unfortunately, have not yet accessed any.)

***PLEASE SHARE this campaign*** #RoyalBeautySupply #Since1999#BlackWomanOwnedBusiness

Remi Agoro Fagbamila Bayo Fagbemiro Olushola Fagbamila


Author: Armstrong Ransome

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