Armstrong Ransome

Owner, admin, author, artist

Like the Phoenix rising from its ashes, Milwaukee’s, Adebisi Agoro, has triumphantly risen over tragedy. After suffering an incredible loss with the untimely death of his son Summer (2018), Adebisi shed his original moniker, BLAX, as he looked ahead to the future with a new creative vision. Giving birth of Armstrong Ransome.

His newfound vision draws inspiration from the achingly human portrait of the times, infused with the sounds and memories of his Nigerian and Southern roots.

While he has shed the skin of his former self, his accomplishments over the years have become the foundation for his current endeavors and pursuits as an artist and author. Having been featured on The Source, Hip Hop DX, Respect Magazine, The RapFest, and more
– listed as the best Rap/Hip Hop Artist of 2018 by Wisconsin Area Music Industry Awards Council. And even gaining a nomination for “Album of the Year” by 88.9 Radio Milwaukee – Armstrong Ransome looks to utilize his music and writing as both a reminder of the past, and a hope for a brighter future. With his words, he offers a light to a new generation of listeners and readers. Providing them the strength to preserve, and be well.

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