How long does it take to learn mandarin?

Mandarin is a pretty tough language. It takes about 50 weeks to reach level 2. If a person wishes to be fluent in mandarin, they need to spend around four years learning and practicing mandarin. With each level, the vocabulary set increases, and the person can feel noticeable changes in their grip over the language. The process might be long, but noticeable progress can be seen at every stage of learning. You can choose from a wide range of courses at the mandarin training center.

Is learning mandarin hard?

Mandarin is one of the most widely spoken languages, yet it is one of the hardest languages to learn. There are several challenges one has to face while learning mandarin. These challenges are not only written but oral too. Learning a few Chinese words might seem easy. But to speak the language fluently, more practice is needed.

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Can I learn Chinese in a year?

If an individual devotes around 1-3 hours a day to learn mandarin, then they can reach the intermediate fluency level within a year. Some people can even complete the learning in six months. Though, the period might be different for different individuals. The learning skills, background, beforehand knowledge, and more factors determine the learning process and speed. To consistently learn Chinese, one can opt for a mandarin course. The course will help in consistently learning and practicing the language. In the course, you can also test your knowledge and challenge yourself to become a better version. There are six different levels of learning and practicing mandarin. Scoring well in each level is prove that how much your vocabulary skills are improving.

How to learn Chinese fast?

The best way to learn Chinese fast is to opt for a course. To learn anything, you need consistent practice and learning. The courses help to stay focused and on the right track. With the best mandarin course, you can track your knowledge and find efficient ways to improve it.

If you consistently study for 3 hours for a complete year, you can go beyond the intermediate level. A year might sound too long, but the time will be passed really quick. The more you get to know about the language, the deeper you want to dive.

Can Indians learn Chinese?

Yes, people of any origin can learn Chinese. Chinese is one of the most spoken and practiced languages around the globe. The demand for Chinese-speaking people is increasing day by day. Many institutions around the world have started Chinese courses after looking at their demand. Learning Chinese may take different amounts of time depending upon the individual skills and country of origin.

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