The practise of using feedback to train a client’s brainwaves, such as providing real-time information about the client’s brainwaves, is called Neurofeedback and EEG biofeedback. It offers clients real-time information about their brainwaves. This training can lessen psychological symptoms and improve performance by defining appropriate goals tailored to each client. The benefits of neurofeedback therapy are frequently long-lasting or even everlasting.

From the Neurofeedback and EEG courses in Australia will learn about a brief introduction to Neurofeedback. In addition, you will receive a free online lecture that provides more information about the therapies produced by Neurofeedback in Australia. You can sign up for their notification list notification when these resources become available.

What courses does EEG offer?

Neurofeedback and EEG courses in Australia

Dr. Moshe Perl is the course instructor, while David Perl is the course facilitator. Since 2001, Dr. Perl has lectured on neurofeedback and EEG analysis domestically and abroad. They provide classes on topics from live webinars and in a traditional classroom setting.

The number of attendees is limited to ensure a high-quality educational experience. The upcoming live webinars and classroom courses are listed below.

EEG Course

  • Neurofeedback Protocol Selection
  • Neurofeedback Clinical Practice
  • Neurofeedback Clinical Practice Online – Month of November
  • Neurofeedback Clinical Practice – Online & In-Person On March

How to become a neurofeedback practitioner?

The Neurofeedback and EEG courses in Australia will train, support, and mentor you to become a practitioner from their best professional development instructors. To advance the practise of Neurotherapy, the experts founded NIA to share more than 20 years of clinical, educational, and teaching experience in the field of EEG. The EEG training started with decades of experience in counselling and psychological examination. They will train practitioners and support them as they advance in their careers. EGG course offerings consist of the following, such as:

  • From basic Neurotherapy to advanced EEG in classroom courses that are BCIA and QEEGD recognised.
  • Group mentorship is one of the topics covered in live webinars.
  • They offer video lectures recorded online whenever you want to.
  • They provide sales and support for neurological equipment for both EEG Education and Development (EEGer) and Bettefly systems in this area.
  • They offer expert one-on-one mentorship services.
  • You will learn the Minimap, TOVA, and QEEG readings.
  • Available soon: A tool for creating neurofeedback protocols
  • They offer an online discussion board for EEG and brainwave topics.

What courses offer online learning?

  • The Remote or Home Neurofeedback Industry (rNFB)

The Remote or Home Neurofeedback Industry administers and pricing services for Neurotherapy at home. A crucial aspect of a neurofeedback practise is its business operations. Making sure the business case and structure are essential because the success of the therapy depends on the business’s performance.

According to their specialists, these courses will cover the basics of administering and billing for remote neurofeedback practice. High-level notions encourage practitioners to think about a variety of topics. This course includes a free costing spreadsheet to help practitioners understand costs and appropriate pricing.

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