The workplace is undergoing an ongoing transformation as a result of technological innovation. Opportunities are scarce during a recession, so it’s critical to distinguish yourself in the crowded job market. Learn new abilities in a different field or by improving your present and set of talents to stay current with the shifting needs.

A training services center’s specialist instruction is advisable if you want to make the best decisions for your personal and professional lives. Although investing in a training course at the website will meet your demands to get you more personal experience and an accurate training services center for your future success. A golden guideline is to set objectives and identify what you want to accomplish. Don’t spend your time or funds on a course that won’t help you.

Before choosing a training course for yourself, extensively study training centers while keeping your goals in mind. One advantage of receiving training from Fortress Learning is that they can assist you in selecting the best training facility to achieve your objectives that suit your needs. By providing training services, here are the following courses:

  • Certificate IV – Certificate IV in Training & Assessment is one of the most respected degrees in the world. Students have four distinct ways to accomplish the same qualification, and the training center is concerned that not every student will choose the same path. If a course is created just for them, our students will benefit most from their time spent learning.
    • Certificate IV Training & Assessment – Standard
    • Certificate IV Training & Assessment – Lite
    • Certificate IV Training & Assessment – RPL & CT
    • Certificate IV Training & Assessment – Zoom – 1 Block
  • Diploma – The diploma program from Fortress Learning is ideal for students who wish to become respected leaders and teachers in the VET industry. Since many Head Teachers and other promotional roles need at least the Dip VET, a rising number of RTOs are rewarding Trainers more often when they possess this degree.
    • Diploma of Vocational Education & Training
    • Diploma Vocational Education & Training
    • Diploma Training Design & Development
    • Victorian TAFE Teachers Reclassification Readiness Program

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  • Skills Set – The Units of Competency from the TAE Training Package are combined to create the Fortress Learning TAE Skill Sets. You can receive official acknowledgment of your ability without finishing a full certification by completing a Skill Set from a nationally recognized Training Package and each skill set required to get a Certificate IV Training & Assessment.
    • Address Foundation Skills
    • Vocational Practice Skill Set
    • Assessor Skill Set
    • Enterprise Trainer-Presenting Skill Set
    • Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set
    • Deliver E-learning Skill Set
  • Single Units – The following TAE training package units are available to you as standalone-single units through Tae Single Units:
    • Address adult language, literacy & numeracy skills
    • Design and develop assessment tools
    • Apply Research to Training & Assessment Practice
  • For Upgrades
    • Certificate IV TAE Upgrade
    • Single Diploma Upgrade
    • Dual Diploma Upgrade

Choose a training services facility that provides courses relevant to the certification you require you need, and you can enroll at the website

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