In contrast to face-to-face tutoring, online tutors are well-suited for students in situations where being in the same room with a tutor is difficult or impractical. Online tutoring is also more convenient and can be scheduled at times that best suit the needs of the student and the tutor. Students in a wide variety of situations use online tutoring to improve academic performance and to supplement the services of their teachers and advisors.

Online tutors are also better suited to students who have difficulty holding a long-term tutoring relationship. With online tutors, a student can establish a relationship with a tutor in a relatively short period of time and then make adjustments in the amount of time spent with the tutor as needed. Students who have trouble finding the time to devote to a private tutor are more likely to have success with online tutors. Online tutors provide a convenient alternative to face-to-face tutoring for students living in remote locations.

Online tutors are often provided through a company called an online tutoring service provider (OTSP). In some situations, an OTSP will provide tutors for a fee. In other situations, an OTSP will provide tutors with a free, or at least low-cost, service. Other OTSPs provide tutors for free or at a low cost for students who have poor academic records or financial difficulties.

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If you have a child who is struggling in school, I strongly recommend that you look into using a computer-based online tutor. A web-based tutor has the capability to monitor your child’s progress, provide you with feedback, and can even grade your child’s assignments. Many of the most popular web-based tutors are “smart” – they are capable of monitoring the child’s progress and provide instant feedback to the child (often taking a test or quiz) to provide the child with additional practice in the subject. These tutors also provide “homework” assignments, and many of these are graded. In other words, if you give your child an assignment they need to complete and have the ability to monitor their progress and receive instant feedback from the tutor, this can be the equivalent of having a private teacher. Need JC economics tuition? Check out The Economics Tutor.

Before deciding to use a web-based tutor, be sure to consult with your child’s teacher, and perhaps the school counselor if that is available at your child’s school. Many schools will not allow tutors to be provided to students on school computers, so this can eliminate the option of using a web-based tutor at school. Be sure to discuss this with your child’s teacher, and ask if the school counselor can be involved in your decision making.

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