One can get a lot of benefits from becoming CPR certified. It is a rewarding experience to acquire, maintain, and continue using your CPR certificate. CPR is also easy to learn. You can easily enroll in a cpr course melbourne whether in person or online.

Saving a Life

You can hardly find a list of CPR course benefits without the fact that it can save lives. This is such a crucial element of why a CPR certification exists. According to the American Heart Association, CPR must be administered right after cardiac arrest. Doing so can double if not triple the person’s chance to survive the attack.

Know How to Use an AED

When it concerns defibrillation, the CPR course will help you learn the proper usage of an automated external defibrillator (AED). This is a life-saving technique that can help you provide assistance and care to a person who suffers from sudden cardiac arrest. Based on a study, about 1,700 lives in the US alone are saved by bystanders who know how to use the AED.

Assist a Drowning Person

A CPR course will also be able to show you the right way of helping someone who is drowning. You need not be a lifeguard, but when you find yourself in a situation where someone is about to drown, it would help save lives when you know how to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or hands-only CPR.

Save Lives During a Disaster

Emergency training from a CPR course Melbourne can make you equipped to assist in the event of a disaster like an earthquake or hurricane. You can learn other things in a CPR course such as how to prevent fatal body temperature changes, life-threatening bleeding, how to support breathing using life-saving positions, how to treat scalds and burns, and how to help a drowning individual.

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Help Someone Who Is Choking

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation doesn’t only involve cardiac arrest situations. Learning CPR can help you assist someone who appears to be choking on food or any foreign object. Many CPR classes can help you to assist adults, children, infants, and even yourself.

Assist During an Accident

If ever you come across an accident whether it is a work-related one or a car accident, you will know how to help someone until such time when medical help becomes available. A CPR training course can give you the skills to assist and save lives in all types of emergency situations. Most CPR courses even combine CPR training as well as AED training. This comes with basic first-aid and life-saving training.

Save Lives Inside a Classroom

CPR courses also teach participants how to conduct CPR on both adults and children. This is an essential life-saving skill that will let you save lives in a classroom, playground, or community swimming pool.

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