Science is mainly defined as both the body of knowledge as well as the process of gaining new knowledge.

Different divisions of the science to know about 

The physical science

  1. Physics: This is the study of matter as well as energy. This is the interaction between them. Physicists study mainly subjects such as light, gravity, as well as time.
  2. Chemistry: This is the science that mainly deals with the reactions, composition, properties, as well as structure of matter.
  3. Astronomy: The study of the universe which is beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

The earth sciences

  1. Geology: This is the area of science of the history, origin, as well as structure of the earth. This is mainly the physical, chemical, as well as biological changes which it has experienced or is experiencing.
  2. Oceanography: This area of science mainly deals with the exploration as well as a study of the ocean.
  3. Paleontology: The science of the forms of life which mainly existed in prehistoric or in the geologic periods.
  4. Meteorology: The science which mainly deals with the atmosphere as well as its phenomena, like the weather as well as climate.

The life sciences

The life sciences

  1. Botany: This type of study mainly deals with plants.
  2. Zoology: This is the area of science that mainly covers animals as well as animal life.
  3. Genetics: This is the type of study of heredity.
  4. Medicine: The area of science of diagnosing, treating, as well as preventing illness,  and injury.

Different advantages of science to know about 

  1. The extensive improvements that have been made in the field of medicine have mainly served to lengthen life expectancy. This is also to reduce the rate of infant mortality.
  2. The discovery of mechanization, better quality seeds, better techniques of irrigation as well as pest control, has mainly worked to increase the productivity levels on farms.
  3. In the case of transportation, railway, jet plane, modern ocean liner, as well as motor vehicles have made human lives more comfortable. This also provided great possibilities for different commercial development as well as industrialization.
  4. Science has made communication much simpler.
  5. Science has mainly brought about perfect solutions to different types of deadly diseases.
  6. With the help of science and technology, man is able to explore space extensively with the help of wide-scale development in technology.
  7. The life of humans has become healthier as well as longer.
  8. Modern hygiene, medicine, sanitation,  as well as surgery are able to treat more and more physical and mental illnesses day by day. 

Science mainly helps in expanding the understanding of life. This has made the whole world very small. People can connect with one another with the help of mobile phones and telephones etc. Science, as well as technology, has also increased the productivity of different industries in the world.

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