Gone are the days when things were limited to offline activities. The advent of the internet has changed the entire scenario of how things work and for the better. The internet is one such development that has paved a way for many other modern advancements in technology. Before the internet, the world seemed big but this online platform has made the world seem smaller by connecting people all around the world. It is considered to be one of the most important mediums of communication and perhaps there was no other medium of communication ever created that could bring the entire world together on one platform.

The internet has opened a bundle of opportunities for everyone around the world. It has led to the emergence of new career options. It has become a primary source of income for many people. Business owners have found it to be the most effective platform to market their products and grow their business. Given that it comes with so many benefits and serves so many purposes, it was certain that the platform would receive massive success soon after its launch. It can even be said that the internet is a miraculous invention and it is perhaps, the epitome of intelligence, creativity, and innovation. It has also improved and enhanced one’s quality of life to a great extent.

Internet in education

Importance of internet

The internet is a safe space for everyone. It does not discriminate against individuals based on any criteria whether social or racial.

  • It is a space where learners can learn. The internet has given instructors the to offer their lessons online and at the same time, it has allowed learners to access these lessons easily from their home. Learners can use this platform to improve their existing knowledge and to gain new knowledge as well. Learners can learn through any mode of instruction they prefer whether it is through notes or videos.
  • It is also a handy platform for conducting research. You can conduct any research you want using the internet. Whether you’re researching a research paper submission, or for surveys, or any other purpose in general, you can use the internet to research and find research materials as well.
  • The business has also benefited to a great extent from the advent of the internet. Business owners have realised that an online presence is necessary if they want their business to succeed in the modern age. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like have become manna from heaven for business and brand owners because they get to market their products at a global scale to a large audience. This gives them more opportunity to grow their businesses and receive potential converts.

Worldwide connectivity is perhaps the most important function of the internet. It has helped people all around the world to connect globally. It has paved the way for globalisation. The internet is also handy for healthcare services as many medical facilities are offered online these days.

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