Parents of kindergarten-aged children might worry about where their child should start their preschool as it makes much of a difference for young developing minds. As we can see, elementary schools are now becoming quite expensive, and the kids are going into programmes even though they are young. Children should know and learn from the foundation, so they need to get into the best Kindergarten in their place. We can now learn about the best kindergarten sg where the kids can learn and grow their life skills:

Raffles Kidz International

Raffle Kidz International is an award-winning premium Kindergarten established in 2014, nurturing children being the heart, their dedicated educators and their efforts in shaping children into confident, creative, and curious lifelong learners. They have interactive and enriching full-day programs, which help the students to learn broad themes ranging from Arts, Science, and culture and more meaningful learning experiences.

My First Skool

kindergarten sg

My First Skool is among the best preschools in Singapore with quality education, teachers, and holistic and affordable infant care. The teacher focuses on building close and Trusty relationships with children where these interactions help the child improve their focus and engagement in learning. Teachers with solid partnerships and attention will create a positive learning environment and the best kindergarten experience.

Little Skool House

Little Skool House is a Highly Effective curriculum with 27 years of Heritage, developing children holistically and enabling children to have high bilingual proficiency without any Rote memorisation. Their different programs include the ‘Builder and innovation’ project, which focuses on critical thinking and problem-solving in math and Science. A Journal writing program and structured reading are also affiliated with this Kindergarten. The Ministry of Education and ECDA awards have been received by the teachers for the past ten years.

Coco-Ro Learning House

Coco-Ro learning house is well-established Kindergarten launched in 2012, and education is based on Japanese culture and behaviour practices, including respect and politeness. They provide the best quality education in sports and art lessons which the specialist runs from those areas. Instructors are football, gymnastics, and art schools. Activities are planned so that different age groups of students are taught different content. The children create their own at work individually where they can develop their minds. So they are put up to work together in group projects like “Performance Day Backdrop”, where they can create the dynamics of group work while using their creativity and imagination.

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